Sponsorship Mission Statement

Collectivize using entertainment to inspire creativity in communities that further empowers shared values and principles.

We make this possible by having a team and community of dreamers and doers; creating perspective changing experiences; and becoming an agent of worthy change through our foundation dedicated to the backing of the next generation of leaders and their ideas. As a result, we will become a brand that earns super fans and evangelist; one that people will wear as a badge of honor because it stands for something far greater than the sum of its parts.

We invite like-minded partners to share in our movement and success through highly engaging campaigns that contributes value for the people who choose to spend their time and money with us.

Our standards for quality partnerships are defined by a win-win-win framework. True value is when our partners, our community and our guests are gratified -

Creating engaging content and activations that inspires action, helps shape beliefs and serves as an extension for our brand and values, while also leveraging data to inform decisions and drive conversions.

Have a profound positive impact on our community and the world around us.

Contribute to the guest experience through meaningful and remarkable experiences.

The rules for any partnership are simple: they start with an ownable and significant guest experience, engage a community through authentic content and positive socially-conscious contribution, and are built around a clear set of goals and outputs for our partners.

We are not in the business of shoehorning or badging. Nor do we think transactionally. Because partnerships done badly does more harm than good, for all concerned.

What we offer is a team of experts (from data scientists to brand strategists) who care about doing great work, a space for powerful conversations and interaction, and an audience who are truly inspiring.