Cannabis Village.



Life is Beautiful is proud to offer your brand access to the 2018 Cannabis Village. In 2017, the Cannabis Village was one of our most popular points of interest among our 21+ attendees.  Once inside the dedicated footprint, guests are immersed with the most progressive cannabis brands available today.  Ensure your brand is apart of the experience! 

  • Program Management
  • Staffing & Security
  • 21+ Only


  • 14' x 26.6' Space
  • Prominent Location

  • 6 GA Working Passes


Join in the excitement of the on-sale announcement.

Inclusion in this highly sought activation will certainly spark attention for your brand during our on-sale announcement and promotional cycle. Even more impactful, being able to actively reach our 21+ audience! During our 2017 promotional cycle, received over 1m+ monthly unique visitors.


What a true partnership should be.  

The festival's unique PR impressions generated over 18 billion in 2017. Let us ensure your brand is a part of these conversations throughout the year. Newsletters, social content, hyper targeted advertising, data-capture programs, and video content ensures an effective strategy to peak your KPI’s. 

  • 2018 Projected Unique Digital Impressions
    • 750,000,000+
  • 2018 Projected Unique Onsite Impressions
    • 200,000+