Partnership Brief Submission

We look forward to the opportunity to provide you with a value-driven, long-term partnership.  Before we get started, please fill out the brief below so that we may get a better idea of your goals in partnering with Life is Beautiful.

Name *
Please summarize your objectives with this partnership.
Please define your current customer, and define your target customer. If the same, one description will suffice.
Please clearly define your organizations current marketing objectives for the next 12 mo.
Please define any existing activation assets or production that can be leveraged.
Ideation *
Will you be requesting Life is Beautiful to assist with ideation?
Please list any Marketing Agency partners we should be aware of. If none, N/A.
Please list contact information for internal stakeholders and additional decision makers that we should be privy to.
Please describe KPI's for this partnership.
Please specify budget for this years campaign.
Multi-Year Partnership *
Are you open to a multi-year partnership, knowing that the partnership investment will likely decrease with every additional year?
Ground Rules *
I agree that if requested, two rounds of ideation will be inclusive of initial discussions. Any further ideation, a minimal, non-refundable deposit may be requested and held as a deposit towards the final partnership investment.
Please note any additional information that will help us to provide a comprehensive partnership proposal.