Comedy House.



Let’s flip the expectation of what a comedy venue experience is on its head, in a way that only Life is Beautiful can. Placed in a central location, the Comedy program at Life is Beautiful stands on its own.  It commands its own lineup announcement, PR and social media strategy, marketing collateral and plan.  Any brand that sponsors the Comedy program will surely benefit tremendously from earning the naming rights and marketing platform. 

  • Platform Naming Rights
  • Prominent Location
  • Celebrity Comic Performances
  • Press and Marketers from all Industries
  • Sampling Opportunities
  • 600 Capacity
  • Program Management
  • Turnkey Production
  • Staffing & Security
  • Culinary & Mixology Experiences

Join in the excitement of the on-sale announcement

Exclusive naming of the Comedy program will certainly spark attention during our on-sale announcement and promotional cycle. During our 2017 promotional cycle, received over 1m+ monthly unique visitors, all with eyes on the ticket packages.

What a true partnership should be  

The festival's unique PR impressions generated over 18 billion in 2017. Let us ensure your brand is a part of these conversations throughout the year, including organic mentions and branding. Newsletters, native and social content, hyper targeted advertising, data-capture programs, and video content ensures a disruptive, effective strategy to peak your KPI’s. 

  • 2018 Projected Unique Digital Impressions
    • 750,000,000+
  • 2018 Projected Unique Onsite Impressions
    • 200,000+