Flaming Skee Ball.



Life is Beautiful is proud to offer your brand a high impact, eye catching, onsite festival experience - Flaming Skee Ball.

Placed in a prime location on the festival footprint, Flaming Skee Ball is an experience unlike any other allowing attendees to push the boundaries - while staying safe of course.  Described as an "adult" version of the iconic game, we invite your brand to sponsor this special asset. 

What a true partnership should be.  

The festival's unique PR impressions generated over 18 billion in 2017. Let us ensure your brand is a part of these conversations throughout the year, including organic mentions and branding. Newsletters, native and social content, hyper targeted advertising, data-capture programs, and video content ensures a disruptive, effective strategy to peak your KPI’s. 

  • 2018 Projected Unique Digital Impressions
    • 750,000,000+
  • 2018 Projected Unique Onsite Impressions
    • 200,000+