Fremont Stage VIP Lounge.



Our VIP program is highly coveted with a loyal following. Let’s collaborate on creating an experience that places your brand at the center of comfort and community with added luxuries like air conditioned flushable bathrooms, a plush lounge, plenty of seating options, a cash bar with express service, elevated culinary experiences and more. Ideal partners are all brands looking for high-impact viability. 

Join in the excitement of the on-sale announcement.

During our 2017 promotional cycle, received over 1m+ monthly unique visitors, all with eyes on the ticket packages. Let's partner on delivering a heightened VIP experience for our attendees and visibility for your brand during the ticket purchasing process. 

What a true partnership should be.  

The festival's unique PR impressions generated over 18 billion in 2017. Let us ensure your brand is a part of these conversations throughout the year, including organic mentions and branding. Newsletters, native and social content, hyper targeted advertising, data-capture programs, and video content ensures a disruptive, effective strategy to peak your KPI’s. 

  • 2018 Projected Unique Digital Impressions
    • 750,000,000+
  • 2018 Projected Unique Onsite Impressions
    • 200,000+